Feeling Blue

Recently I’ve been digging to the far depths of my closet and experimenting with clothes that haven’t seen the light of day in years. This round features a dress I bought for $15 from Red Dress Boutique, but never had the right reason to wear it.


This shift dress is awesome for spring. You can wear it plain as I did, with a statement necklace, and laid back shoes. You can also spiff it up with a nice blazer and heels, or wrap a belt around it and throw on some sandals. Why did I never realize the beauty of this versatile dress until now?!  DSC_1037 DSC_1042DSC_1033



This spring, I’m all about brights and pastels. The combo of the two makes for a perfect, fun, springy outfit.

Have you heard of Rocksbox? I signed up for Rocksbox and received this awesome necklace in my first box! Isn’t it gorgeous? The company is a simple and wonderful idea, get a monthly subscription and essentially “rent” three pieces of jewelry each month. When you’re done wearing what was sent you simply mail it back. Why didn’t I think of something so genius?


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