Pastels and Pasty Legs

DSC_1267 DSC_1270


WARNING: sorry for blinding anyone with my pale legs.

Spring time is all about the pastels in my book! All winter I’ve been wrapping myself head to toe in dark colors, mourning the loss of warm weather (and it shows!) Spring has me breaking out the skirts, which is a good thing because my legs are lacking color BIG time…


Sidenote: I have to admit, this entire outfit is under $15 (minus the pearls, of course).



Recently, I went to the Wisconsin Dells and found a great outlet mall (sorry wallet). The weather was a bit chilly so I stuck to the stores, going in a few that I never would typically shop in such as Abercrombie, but I found some great deals like this shirt for $3 (crazy I know). Abercrombie takes me back to my middle school days, maybe that’s why I avoid it, but they recently released a “Travel Abroad” lookbook and I have to say: I’m loving it!





Top//Abercrombie (similar)

Skirt// Penney’s-Dublin

Shoes// Walmart ($6!!)


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