Current Update

Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged and I apologize! Since graduating in December (yikes, that feels like ages ago) life has been kind of hectic. I moved back home from college and landed my first big girl job.
I have a tendency to greatly underestimate how busy working 3 (THREE) jobs keeps me. Every day as I post my outfit to instagram (@dallasnadams) I tell myself that I’ll post on the blog tomorrow…well today is that day! And hopefully we can keep this ball rolling again.
I’m trying to find a new normal for my life (as normal as it can be working 60 hour weeks) and plan on taking you guys along for the ride.
So to start this back up again check out me being super basic:


Recently I’ve been obsessed with long, light weight cardigans like this one. No matter the weather you can typically find me in one because A) they’re super comfy B) they’re easy to take off if you get too hot and C) some of them make me feel classy as hell. But in all seriousness if you aren’t in on this cardi party yet, here is your invite!


hmprod (1)       hmprod

My cardigan is from H&M and is unfortunately sold out now but pictured above on the left is a similar version and the one on the right is one I’m just obsessed with.


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