How I Save Extra Money on Groceries (the easy way!)

Why does it seem like I spend half of my paycheck on food? Oh maybe because I do.. But seriously it doesn’t have to be that way! I’m by no means a couponer and actually I have to admit I’m the worst at it. I clip coupons and then forget half of them at home or I get to the store and forget to pick up the items I have coupons for.

How to save extra money on Groceries

I recently started using Ibotta and my life has totally changed. I save an average of $50 a WEEK on all of my favorite foods! I find Ibotta so much easier and practical to use than regular old price matching and couponing. Alright, alright I’ll admit that sometimes I forget my phone at home when grocery shopping but 9/10 I’m more likely to grab my phone than my clippings as I head out the door.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! All you have to do is:

1. download the app and save rebates

2. Purchase the items you have rebates for

3. Scan your receipt after checking out and see the money flow into your account

(4. Enter code: hxjgptc and get an extra $10 added to your account just for signing up!)

After the rebates are added to your account you can cash out in the form of gift cards. So basically you spend money to get money! It’s like a personal little gift to yourself. Once your account adds up enough and you cash it out, you practically get free groceries and you can’t beat that!

This super user friendly app helps you organize your whole life (or at least your shopping list) by letting you save all of the rebates you want to use. It then organizes all of your items into a shopping list. Best thing yet? You can even search multiple stores. So say you’re like me and buy most of your produce at Hyvee (because I’ve never seen prettier apple displays in my life, am I right?!) and then buy paper goods and household items at Walmart, to save a few extra cents, Ibotta will organize all of your clippings for hyvee and give you a separate list for Wal-Mart. Thus, eliminating the need for a bulky folder or the hassel of organizing little slips of paper.

My absolute favorite thing about Ibotta? There’s even coupons for things like produce and protein. They change up every couple weeks to a month so unfortunately I don’t always save on my favorite apples but it is a perk for eating healthy or more natural. Think this app sounds pretty great? Check it out:  if you use code hxjgptc you’ll get a bonus $10 just for signing up! Yeah that’s FREE money. You can’t beat it!

What are your tips for saving some extra cash on your grocery lists?


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