Solo New York 

A stylish and functional bag isn’t always easy to come by. Solo made that dream come true! This East Hampton backpack makes it easy to tote my laptop and paperwork to the office. I’ve tried multiple totes that just aren’t big enough or they’re too bulky. But this lightweight backpack leaves my hands free for my phone and my coffee. It’s a perfect world after all!

Something I immediately look for when picking out a new bag is the amount of pockets and storage spaces it has. Weird, I know. I hardly ever utilize any of the pockets, but for some reason I just feel like it’s a necessity. One of the things I just love is the amount of storage room in this bag. Pockets for days! This perfect bag makes packing for commuting to work or a weekend road trip so much easier and trendier!

I was sold on this bag the second my eyes landed on the leather accents! I mean come on! They really roped me in with an adorable plaid interior. Literally, it cannot get any cuter than this!

Another one of my favorites, is the Bridgehampton Backpack. As I said, I have a thing for storage and this baby’s got it! With a drawstring top and a flap top, this boho beauty is begging for you to go it to some festivals. Solo also recently released their Gravity collection, and I’m obsessed with the Frequency Briefcase. I’m thinking this sleek and chic bag might make a good birthday present for my sweetie!


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