Disney World Snacks & Treats Recap


Disney World has always been such a special place to me. I know I know, that’s the point Dallas! But seriously, disregarding the Happiest Place on Earth stuff, I’ve always been draw to the magic that is Disney World. I partially blame it on my parents for not taking me growing up, haha.

I just so happened to plan a trip to Disney right at the beginning of the 2016 Flower and Garden Festival. Although I knew a lot about the festival and had down my reading on it, I actually didn’t realize that my trip would fall during it, so that was a pleasant surprise! Now I know that everyone LOVES all the floral designs and the extravagant topiaries and I’ve got to admit, though I’m not a huge flower fan, this festival is pretty awesome! Let me also say that while I was only there for the first couple days of it, I’ve never seen such light crowds at Disney!  The longest wait for a ride that I experienced was about 45 minutes, which was amazing compared to the crazy long lines I’ve encountered in the past couple visits.

Not gonna lie, one of the best things about the Flower and Garden Festival is the FOOD! Yeah, you heard me! Raspberry macarons from the food truck in France in 2016 was by far my FAVORITE thing I ate while in Disney, closely followed by the fruit sushi from the truck in Japan. I’m a sucker for macarons, after being spoiled by a Summer of them while studying abroad in France, can you really blame me? But these macarons are super fresh (obvi) with a chocolate ganache filling and fresh raspberries inside! Heck yeah, I’ll take 12 please! I’ve heard that they’re making a come back for 2017 and I’m super jealous for anyone that gets one! As for the fruit sushi, I was pleasantly surprised! I’m not a fan of regular sushi (I don’t do fish and I’m allergic to avocados, so put down the pitchforks please). But this fruit sushi is such a refreshing and unique snack for a midday pick me up.

Can you say YUUUUM?! One of the most overlooked foods at Disney World is the waffle sandwich. This delicious golden brown waffle is topped with gobs of Nutella and finished off with berries and bananas piled on top. This little gem can be found at the Sleepy Hollow counter in Liberty Square (if you’re walking towards the castle, it is just to the left of it!). For just under $6 this is easily a breakfast for two. You really can’t beat that! The picture below features the famed mini corn dogs from Casey’s Corner. This was the first time I ever tried them and honestly I don’t know how I’ve lived so long without them! I’m not a typical corn dog kind of girl, so break it into tiny pieces and I’m way more interested in eating it. My typical trips to Disney have been a blur of running to ride lines and barely taking a break for food. This trip, I wanted to change that. We ate mini corn dogs sitting in the grassy area staring at the castle, and let me tell you, I’ve never noticed more details in Disney in my entire life. It was so nice to take a breath and take it all in. I highly recommend taking an hour or two out of the day just to sit and take it all in.

All of these fun foods are great, but you can never go wrong with a classic Mickey Bar!

What are some of your Disney World must eats?


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