23 Fun Facts

It’s my birthday! Today I’m turning 23 and to celebrate I thought I’d share 23 “fun” facts about myself

1. Yes, my birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day.

2. Yes, I’m also Irish. I’ve been to Ireland 3 times (and LOVED it) and I’m also former Irish dancer.

3. I’M GETTING MARRIED IN OCTOBER!! To my high-school sweetheart. (And special shout out to my maid of honor for keeping me sane)

4. Greece, Rome, Cape Cody, Washington state, and Hawaii are some of the top locations on my bucket list.

5. Speaking of traveling… I studied abroad in France with two of my sorority sisters.

6. I was an Alpha Gamma Delta at Southern Illinois University.

7. My degree is in journalism – hence the blog.

8. This year I purchased a new vehicle which I refer to as Stormie because I believe it looks like a Storm Trooper (nerd alert)

9. Harry Potter is one of my favorite things on the planet  (right after pickles, hydrangeas, and turtles).

10. Hydrangeas and peonies are my favorite flowers.

11. I make mugs! I started making custom mugs for friends and family and it ended up turning into a full on side career. You can find my etsy here!

12. She’s the Man, PS I Love You, and Mean Girls are some of my favorite movies. 

13. Gerard Butler singing Galway Girl is one of the main reasons why I love PS I Love You. The first time I visited Ireland, I walked into the first pub I saw and a band happend to be playing that song. I like to think it was fate. 

14. I was a showgirl at a casino (no that doesn’t mean I was a striper) I walked around with big feathers on my head and took pictures with people for several years.

15. One thing I’d love to do is see a musical on Broadway. Singing in the Rain is one of my all time favorites! (I’d love to play Lina Lamont)

16. I found my love for musicals by being pressured into participating in them throughout highschool. Not many girls in my high-school danced and they needed dancers for shows. I ended up playing Anita in West Side Story mainly for that reason (a blonde hair, blue eyed Puerto Rican? Yeah I tanned a lot leading up to the show)

17. People judge me because I would watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music 24/7 if it was acceptable. I start watching Christmas movies as soon as they start showing on TV. Shout out to Hallmark because I can never get enough of those movies.

18. For as up to date as I like to keep myself, I’m the worst at watching new TV shows and movies. I didn’t watch Gossip Girl until 2015. Do the math, it’s 3 years after the very last episode aired. THREE YEARS.

19. I was one of four girls in my class all throughout grade school (with 16 boys).

20. I frequently get made fun of for being the preppiest girl in my work place. No worries, I totally own it!

21. “On Wednesdays we wear pink” is my life motto. It’s actually how I got into blogging in the first place. I made it a habit to come up with a new pink outfit every Wednesday and then I pushed myself further and further out of my comfort zone and into blogging.

22. Broken bones are a no biggie for me. I’m the clumsiest girl you’ll ever meet. At the age of 2, I broke my collar bone.

23. I have this weird fear of where to leave off on things. Blog posts, conversations, TV shows, you name it. So that brings us to the last fun fact and I just can’t find the perfect way to wrap up this post…


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